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Fat-ypus Mack 5 FT

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NeverGroomed notes:

The Mack 5 FT is the exact same shape as the regular Mack 5, and built with the exact same materials. But the camber on the flat-tail (FT) version extends all the way to the rearmost tail measurement rather than to the end of the sidecut. The effect is to add stiffness and stability, and to provide a more powerful feel when exiting turns. In landings, the FT version also provides a more substantial tail to lean on, which is a big help when climbing out of the backseat. If you’re a former racer or someone who never skis switch, you’ll definitely appreciate the sturdier tail of the FT version. But if you’re a new-school kid who butters off cliffs or lands facing uphill, you’ll likely prefer the tail rocker, looser feel, and quicker pivoting and slashing that come with the regular version. Two distinct versions of the same state-of-the-art powder ski, optimized for two distinct skiing styles. It’s your choice…but we promise you can’t go wrong…

From Fat-ypus Skis:

All the same specs as the Mack 5, but with a flat tail for when speed is the priority!

There’s a new fat sheriff in town and his name is Mack 5. It has been 10 years now since our A-lotta model has had a legitimate contender step up to the plate as a rival and now it has finally happened with the release of our new 139mm underfoot Mack 5! As the name suggests, this ski is a 5 point design superfat that has incredible float due to the rocker in the tip and tail as well as its overall size and is super easy to turn with its 5 points of contact. Fat-ypus versatility even in a ski this big is what you will feel with the new Mack 5.

Technical Details:

Dimensions (mm):


Length (cm) 188
Radius (m) 22.6
Weight (lbs) 10
-Rockwell 48 Steel Edges
-P-tex Sidewall
-Vertical Laminate Poplar Core
-Durasurf Sintered Base
-Die-cut Graphics
-Handmade in the USA


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