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NeverGroomed notes:

Do-it-alls generally do it all poorly. But the M5 is a noteworthy exception. This ski tears the mountain to bits regardless of conditions or terrain. Like the other 5-point designs in the Fat-ypus arsenal, the M5 combines the playfulness of a short turn radius and effective edge with the flotation and stability of a much bigger and more adventurous ski. The sidecut ends much closer to the skier’s boot than on a traditional ski, but the effect is similar to gripping a pen closer to its tip: expect a dramatic increase in your sense of control over the ski. Jab that contact point into the mountain like a weapon to dig precise, 90-degree trenches, or just gently tip it over at speed to carve smooth, long-radius arcs. This ski does it all, and at all speeds. And don’t be intimidated by the length. Riders of the 188cm version report the ability to whip these around more easily than traditional skis at 180cm or even less. Bottom line: the M5 delivers almost impossible versatility to earn an unrestrained NeverGroomed seal of approval.

(Insider tip: The M5 is the exact same skis as the L5, but with a different graphic for different tastes...)

From Fat-ypus Skis:

The M5 is a new 5 point design ski from Fat-ypus that may even challenge our L-Toro model for being the best one ski quiver you can own! The M5 is extremely quick due to being a 5 point design and also very lightweight. As a result, since it is 106mm underfoot, this new Fat-ypus ski is not only a great choice for all and any in bounds skiing, but also an incredible option for touring backcountry and side-country too.

Also available in athlete stiffness (+20%) for the 188cm length.

Technical Details:

Dimensions (mm):


Length (cm) 165 177 188
Radius (m) 11.7 13 15
Weight (lbs) 6 7 8
-Rockwell 48 Steel Edges
-P-tex Sidewall
-Vertical Laminate Poplar Core
-Durasurf Sintered Base
-Die-cut Graphics
-Handmade in the USA


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