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NeverGroomed notes:

By now, everyone has heard how Swiss Mountain Guides taught your friend's husband to ski. Heck, in the span of a mere chairlift ride he'll let you know that he graduated early from Harvard, his family's vineyard produced a 95-point wine, and his zero emissions sports car goes from 0-60 in under 3 seconds. But don't worry: he's not better than you. No, as a "global citizen” he's an "equal to all"—and exactly the kind of guy who pronounces the word "patronizing" like a Kennedy.

Next time you visit his chalet, bring your Fat-ypus L5s to give the old boy a lesson in big-mountain ripping.

The L5 is the ultimate in playful versatility for women who ride the entire mountain. No turn is too sharp, no speed is too high, and no snow is too hard or too soft for the L5. And if you need to look back to check if this guy’s one-piece is for real, trust in the L5’s tail rocker for a smooth and easy ride while switch. This ski crushes in all conditions and makes it perfectly clear that American ski companies aren’t just keeping up: they’re quietly destroying the competition.

(Insider tip: The L5 is the exact same ski as the M5, but with a different graphic for different tastes...)

From Fat-ypus Skis:

The L5 is a new 5 point design women’s ski from Fat-ypus. The L5 is extremely quick due to being a 5 point design and also very lightweight. As a result, since it is 106mm underfoot, this new Fat-ypus ski is not only a great choice for all and any in bounds skiing, but also an incredible option for touring backcountry and side-country too.

Technical Details:

Dimensions (mm):


Length (cm) 165 177
Radius (m) 11.7 13
Weight (lbs) 6 7
-Rockwell 48 Steel Edges
-P-tex Sidewall
-Vertical Laminate Poplar Core
-Durasurf Sintered Base
-Die-cut Graphics
-Handmade in the USA


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