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Fat-ypus D'Lirium

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NeverGroomed notes:

So your pants are sliced up and your knees are bruised from crashing into your edges and boots in World Cup-worthy slalom turns. Maybe you should dial it back a notch. With its short turn radius and effective edge, the Fat-ypus D’Lirium allows for radical carving without any need for over-the-top, hyper-exaggerated knee angulation. And unlike a traditional short-radius carving ski, the D'Lirium won't stab into every bump and pile of snow like a lawn dart. With all the proven advantages of its 5-point shape, this is a short-radius front-side ski that actually performs like a ski, not a snowblade. Sporting a rockered tip and tail, the D’Lirium floats above soft snow and crud and provides a much greater sense of stability at speed. But this ski doesn’t just wake up at speed. Like a new parent with a colicky baby, the D'Lirium is flat-out awake all the time.

From Fat-ypus Skis:

The D’Lirium is our new park/all mountain ski that employs the 5 point design and rocker to make it radically quick turning, light and nimble. This progressive minded new design takes versatility to a whole new level by combining superior carving ability with unheard of trick performance as well.

Technical Details:

Dimensions (mm):


Length (cm) 183
Radius (m) 14.5
Weight (lbs) 7
-Rockwell 48 Steel Edges
-P-tex Sidewall
-Vertical Laminate Poplar Core
-Durasurf Sintered Base
-Die-cut Graphics
-Handmade in the USA


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