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Fat-ypus D-Sender - 2016

Fat-ypus Skis
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NeverGroomed notes:

Stability in skis can be addictive, particularly for a stronger skier. It’s an addiction that leads to a tireless search for stiffer and stiffer long-radius boards until eventually the skier looks down to realize he's manhandling a pair of dull, lifeless two-by-fours. Only then will he begin to appreciate the value of feel. That sense of feel is precisely where the D-Sender shines. The feedback from this ski is the perfect blend of damp and poppy that keeps every Fat-ypus skier loyal to the brand. But at the same time, the D-Sender is a serious big mountain ski, loaded with no-nonsense design features. With a long effective edge and confidence-inspiring stiffness and stability, this is the ski you want in unforgiving terrain. Yet its dimensions are so versatile and its turns are so pleasant that you’ll be clicking into your pair even for casual laps at the local resort. This is nothing short of a timeless ski, and a must-have for all first descents and limit-pushing lines.

(Insider tip: The D-Sender is the exact same ski as the E-Motion, but with a different graphic for different tastes...)

From Fat-ypus Skis:

Originally inspired as our “Big Mountain Comp Ski”, the D-Sender model holds an edge on any terrain and still floats beautifully in the powder, yet it is surprisingly light and quick turning for its size.

The 194 cm version comes with a flatter tail (25mm, versus 45mm on the others), and with slightly less camber underfoot (5mm, versus 6mm on the others).

Technical Details:

Dimensions (mm):


Length (cm) 164 174 184 194
Radius (m) 19.1 22.0 25.0 28.3
Weight (lbs) 7 7.5 8.5 9
-Rockwell 48 Steel Edges
-P-tex Sidewall
-Vertical Laminate Poplar Core
-Durasurf Sintered Base
-Die-cut Graphics
-Handmade in the USA


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