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NeverGroomed notes:

Check back soon for our detailed take on Fairweather Ski Works' big-mountain dream-ski, the Chilkoot.

From Fairweather Ski Works:

The Chilkoots are your everyday backcountry crusher. The mountains are a dynamic landscape and that demands a versatile ski. Lightweight and stiff, these sticks can handle anything the mountains throw at you. Overhead blower spines up high? Well you’re gonna have to bash through the breakable crust and alders at the lower elevations to get to em. Dont make any compromises with the new 2017 Chilkoots.

The Chilkoot mountains are a notoriously harsh environment whose allure has enticed adventurers long before the days of the Klondike gold rush. This stretch of wilderness demands the most durable equipment to make sure you dont end up stranded. The 2017 Fairweather Chilkoots pay homage to this land with a handcrafted spalted birch topsheet, locally harvested spruce and birch wood core, and durable UHMW plastic sidewalls.

Our flagship ski, the Chilkoots are lightweight, sturdy and reliable. The ideal ski for touring distant peaks at the pass or first chair at the resort, these boards like to be ridden hard.

Technical Details:

The Chilkoots feature a rugged laminated wood core which blends the damp flexing properties of birch with the lightweight snappiness of Sitka spruce. The core is reinforced with two hefty layers of unidirectional carbon fiber along the length of the ski and stiffened torsionally with biaxial glass. The combination of these four materials results in a predictable smooth ride on a lighter weight chassis than other similar skis. Furthermore, the carbon fiber provides durability and stiffness for years of dependable service. The Chilkoots are also the first ski in our lineup to feature extra durable plastic sidewalls!

The Chilkoots feature a modern twist on a traditional shape. Directional sidecut and underfoot camber combined with a stiff flex profile provide a solid foundation in variable snow. Early taper with integrated rocker allows for easier turn initiation and release, so drifting and floating turns in powder is a breeze.

Dimensions (mm):


Length 183cm
Radius 22m
Weight 4 lbs 6 oz/ski
-Tip Rocker Length:  35cm
-Tail Rocker Length:  25cm
-Camber Height:  4mm
-Effective Edge: 1490mm
-Handmade in Haines, Alaska


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