Black Diamond Cheat Sheets - 150mm x 205mm - NeverGroomed

Black Diamond Cheat Sheets

Black Diamond

NeverGroomed notes:

Arnold Schwarzenegger may not have trouble peeling his skins apart from each other. And you may not either. But why risk a hernia when you can easily remove them from a Black Diamond Cheat Sheet? Throw in the added benefit of extending the life of your glue, and you have what is known in the industry as a no-brainer. If you own a pair of skins, do yourself (and your skins) a favor and pick up a Black Diamond Cheat Sheet.

Sold as a single 150mm x 205cm sheet. Instuctions for using Black Diamond skins and Cheat Sheets can be found here.

From Black Diamond:

Cheat Sheets protect, and ease the storage of, your Black Diamond skins.

Technical Details


Dimensions: 150mm x 205cm

Synthetic mesh easily adheres to skin glue and easily releases from it, too.

Extends the life of skin glue by keeping it clean and protected when not in use on your skis.

Ideal for both long-term storage and quick laps in the backcountry.


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