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Skis from the World's Premier Independent Brands, Built for Passionate Freeriders

Handcrafted skis. Made for skiers, by skiers.

Skis should be designed by skiers, not executives. They should be built with purpose and rugged durability, not with a fashion-like goal of appearing fresh and new. But while the biggest brands rarely live up to these standards, a number of independents remain focused on quality alone, handcrafting skis in small volumes and sparing no expense in the process. At NeverGroomed we've scoured the continent to find the very best of these brands, and we're bringing their skis to passionate riders everywhere who choose quality over hype.

The mountains themselves are enough

Like many skiers, we've bashed a few gates and navigated a few parks. But these days our passion is for snow that's never groomed. Chest-deep powder, steep chutes, and those secret stashes that leave you wishing you could hide your skin tracks. It turns out the mountains themselves are enough. And the tools to enjoy them are what we're bringing to you. Skis for powder, big mountain lines, and touring. No more. No less.


Sawing through the mystery of ski design

We want your skis to perfectly match the terrain and conditions where you ride. But the countless variations on shape and camber in today's designs can leave even lifelong skiers puzzled when choosing a new pair. If there's a resource providing insight into modern design features, we haven't found it. So we’ve set out to become this resource ourselves. We want to empower skiers with the information they need to choose designs perfectly suited to the mountains they intend to rideand to the ways they intend to ride them.


Custom: it’s about fit

We're serious about skis that fit. So serious that we've created The NeverGroomed Custom Ski Shop. The world’s finest custom ski builders are now gathered alongside each other in a single place, ensuring that your skis won't just be a good fit; they will be a perfect fit. With the most refined shapes and reliable construction found anywhere, our custom builders will design and build the skis of your dreams. Not anyone else's.