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It wasn’t long ago when you were an unstoppable force in the backcountry. Your friends couldn’t keep up on the ascent, and on the way down you looked more solid than guys in the local big-mountain comps. You were even so tan from living in the high alpine that people asked if you’d been living in the tropics. But then you got married, read Tim Ferriss’ book, had a few kids, and your idea of skiing a lot went from 120 days to 12. Fast forward a few years, and now your business is killing it, your kids are in school, and you suddenly have more free time than you had as an unemployed ski bum. It’s time to get back on snow.

But the world of tech bindings has changed since you last went shopping. Now every binding manufacturer sells a tech binding, and even Dynafit has gone from one model to many. But don’t despair: you’re in for a serious treat. Kinks have been ironed out, and downhill performance has been drastically improved. The weight-savings of a tech binding were easily worthwhile before, but this winter you’ll be wondering if your new tech bindings may even ski better than your old alpine binders on the way down…

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