Folsom Trigger II - A Versatile Ski for Hard Snow or Tours, Customized - NeverGroomed

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Folsom Trigger II

-Traditional sidecut combined with a slight early rise tip and positive camber through the tail allows this ski to be a reactive all mountain snow slayer
-Grips like a race ski, charges like a comp board, and can spin to win! 
-Similar in dimensions to our popular Completo ski, the Trigger is a more traditional version that is geared towards skiers with a stronger skiing background
-Not only does this ski excel in almost every type of snow condition, but can be customized to also be an excellent all-mountain park tool
-Point, aim, and pull the Trigger.  This ski packs a punch for its size
Length (cm)
Dimensions (mm)
Radius (m)
189 135-99-123 22
184 134-99-122 21
180 132-100-120 23
177 134-95-122 17
168 129-95-119 16

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