Fat-ypus Kids' Skis - NeverGroomed

From super-fat to well-rounded...

Founded by a cliff-loving big mountain pro who rode with Shane McConkey, Fat-ypus made a name for itself with its own McConkey-like experiment in ski design. Utilizing unprecedented super-fat width for flotation, Fat-ypus gave aggressive skiers a stiff, traditional-camber option for the deepest possible days. This was the legendary A-Lotta, a shockingly nimble ski that refused to fold up at any speed. No other powder ski could compare...until 2015's introduction of the Fat-ypus Mack 5. But the Fat-ypus lineup has expanded far beyond super-fats, to include skis for even the most painfully long gaps between powder days. With hard-charging stability and a lively, playful feel, Fat-ypus skis have a distinct way of multiplying in the backs of skiers' trucks. And now with both traditional and 5-point designs for every logical width, Fat-ypus accounts for all conditions and lets you decide if you want to make a few turns—or just send it to the bottom.

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